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FONOlab is a dynamic reality, located on the outskirts of Milan,

specialized in interior acoustics .


A perfect balance between design, function and technology.


Thanks to the strong manufacturing skills of our technical craftsmen ,

our products are unique .

FONOlab products  adapt to any environment,

whether it is intended for work and videoconferencing,

to education and entertainment,

hospitality and catering.

Through design solutions,

let's shape the invisible part of the space:

 the sound .

Listening to comfort

Listening to

By acoustic comfort we mean
the well-being perceived by a person
who uses a given environment
during the performance of an activity
in terms of speech intelligibility ,
privacy,  concentration.


There is no such thing as perfect acoustics,
there is the best acoustics for a room and
for a specific inteded use.

Short supply chain

Short supply chain
Long experience

Design within the confines of the short supply chain,

in Italy ,

it is a clear choice.

Ensure quality and sustainability

of our sound-absorbing systems,

it's a mission.


Among our references

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